This is the part where I ask for your money.

While Photography may seem simple and fun, there’s a lot of overheads. Things like software, electricity, computers, transport, and of course camera gear all need money from time to time, or I can’t do what I love.

I also need to eat.

For the prices below you get:

  • My time, my cameras, and expertise
  • Retouched, high resolution digital images delivered digitally
  • Cloud Back Up of your images for 2 years
  • Plenty of time to talk, plan, and complete the shoot

I’m a simple and transparent man. Here’s my normal pricing for the 2020 Calendar Year. All pricing includes travel to get to your location. (If you want me to photograph you in some far flung corner of the Earth more than ~50KM from Adelaide, South Australia we’ll have to talk travel costs) 😉

Money is due at the very latest 48 hours before the scheduled shoot or event. If you’re booking online, you can pay upfront by credit/debit card.

I can provide you with high quality, prints at the following rates:

  • 8×10″ (20x30cm) – $45
  • 16×20″ (40x50cm) – $100

Please ask for pricing for other sizes.

I’m not registered for GST as I do not make enough money from my photography to do so. Expect this page and pricing to change if that happens. My ABN is: 96824162593

I am available every weekend, and every second Friday. Contact me to discuss your needs, or dive in and organise a session.

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